The Legendary Knights

Daniel Zachary: vocals

Jack Van Den Berg: vocals

Jolly Walter: guitar and congas

Simon Bevilacqua: guitar and backing vocals

Bob Sheey: bass

Mick Doyer: drums

And featuring Katy Raucher on vocals

with Andrew Dennis on drums on Icarus and on bass on Flames on White Beach; Wolfgang Onuk on rhythm guitar on Train is Coming and The American Dream, and rhythm guitar and vocals on Icarus; Earl Dyer on rhythm guitar on The American Dream; Kelly Ottaway on keys on If Looks Could Kill and The American Dream; Michael Shelley on sax on Train is Coming, Spellbound and If Looks Could Kill; Jesse Bowden on sax, David Cavallo on trumpet and Adam Davenport-Hortle on trombone on Train is Coming, If Looks Could Kill, Icarus and Flames on White Beach, joined by Kristen Turner on trumpet on If Looks Could Kill.